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In modern times we are brainwashed that to be successful means to have a ‘career’ in a respected industry. We must focus on excelling through ranks of management, as a member of ‘Generation Y’ I’m not sure I agree. (See ‘Why it is essential to take a career break to travel’)

Yes, I have a full-time job in a creative industry that I have spent most of my life working towards. I have also paused that career multiple times to travel and explore the world. We are only on earth once, therefore I believe seeing and experiencing as much of it as possible is equally as successful as building your life in one place.

In reality I have learned more about the world and myself whilst travelling than I could have in any school or job in the same amount of time.

Join me, in my pursuit of seeing the world and living creatively whether that be at home or abroad.

The Best Dreams Happen When You’re Awake

Meeting people through travel can create a really strong bond in an extremely short amount of time. If you have already been on a trip or two I am sure you will agree with me. There is something about being in a new space, surrounded by strangers who mostly don’t speak your language and muddling your way through together. You find yourself in unique scenarios and beautiful places with only a handful of people you didn’t know existed just a few days before.

So far I have visited 51 countries and I intend for that number to grow and grow. My dream is to tell my stories and share my experiences with the aim of inspiring people to go on their own adventures and make their own memories. Please explore my site & share it with like minded friends.


Charlie @ Travel Creative x