7 Creative Gifts for the People Who Have Everything

In the run up to Christmas we all have those one or two people to buy for that just seem to already have everything. Read on for some ideas of creative gifts to leave lasting memories long after Christmas Day.

1. Photo Collage on Canvas

Sentimental gifts are usually faultless. Search out those old memories and fun times and get them made in to a collage! You could choose from a canvas or photo book, or even go for a more modern look with the collage printed on to acrylic glass which gives it a 3D effect.


2. Scratch Map

Any budding traveller will love this visual record of how much of the world they have seen. An everyday reminder of travel dreams and aspirations when displayed around the home. There are numerous ones available now so you are bound to find one that suits their taste in home deco. Here is a link to a beautiful site which sells a number of options.


3. Chocolate with A Twist

So, chocolate is a fairly standard gift for an occasion, particularly in the UK. How about jazzing it up a little by buying your loved one a course to learn to make chocolate goodies for themselves?

I tried out a course myself after buying the experience for my mum’s birthday. Click here to read more about it.


4. Glass Blowing

If you have ever watched someone blowing glass you will know that it is absolutely mesmerising. Recently I discovered it is actually possible to go and learn this on one off courses! There are limited options in the UK but I tried Salt Glass Studios close to where I grew up in Norfolk, and it was fantastic. In a small workshop, two of us to one teacher. We made 3 glass pieces over a period of around 3.5 hours. It was even more difficult than I had anticipated but great to understand how wonderfully skilled the craftsmen are that I have always admired.


5. Calligraphy

As you will know if you have read my 30 Before 30 blog post, I have always admired calligraphy! Most adults write a vast amount each day one way and another, how great would it be to make your special writing in cards and gifts even more special?

Tried and tested so far is Quill London – excellent course with a great starter pack to practice at home. Soon to be tested …


6. See a Show

What have they mentioned recently? Maybe they have always wanted to see a ballet, or go to the Opera? Giving people tickets for things they maybe haven’t had the resources to buy for themselves could create memories to last a lifetime.

Don’t know what they are in to? Go for a voucher from Ticketmaster as a gift and let them choose.

Blog post coming soon on my favourite kind of show!


7. Innovative Money Giving

Don’t want to get a voucher or don’t know which store to buy it for? How about giving money in a creative way? This could work for any occasion – birthdays, Christmas, Weddings etc. Try folding notes in to Origami or rolling them in to scrolls inside another Object. Recently I made a wedding gift for friends by rolling up notes and placing them inside a solar powered light bulb which I purchased from B&Q. Inside the gift box I placed a tag reading ‘Here’s to a bright future!’.


Want more ideas?

Check out my Pinterest page on Original Gifts for a whole host of other ideas.

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