Chambers of Flavour

‘An inter-dimensional culinary experience’ … what could that entail? In my experience, a lot of laughs, some great food and a totally bizarre evening!

Chambers of Flavour presented by Gingerline calls itself an inter-dimensional culinary experience, and that it is!

We went to Chambers of Flavour v2, a 5 course evening which took us through a game show, a mermaid’s lair, the inner workings of a machine, back to the 1940’s and finally in to a toy box. How’s that for an evening’s entertainment?

A particular highlight was ‘winning the game show’ and being taken ‘back stage’ for what we found out one by one was a slide ending in a ball pit. It was at this point, when you looked up, you were greeted by a mermaid in her underwater lair. The mermaid was extremely witty, had a very sharp tongue and hilariously put a rather drunk member of the inter-dimensional travellers in his place!

I am not one to enjoy being centre of attention so was a little apprehensive of the necessary audience participation. However on the night you partake in the experience with a small group of others which eases the pressure on those more shy among us.


Location & Food

In a secret location in London some great actors and actresses, some brilliant props and extremely creative set design brings you a night to remember. You might expect that with so much to think about the standard of the food may drop. However, our main course of ox cheek and trimmings was some of the most beautifully cooked, tender meat I have had.

You receive little cards along the way detailing the brands and details of the food you have eaten. One of our favourites was a sweet treat we had in the bar to tide us over – alcoholic of course! A fruit pastille by Smith & Sinclair, mine was a Berry Daiquiri cocktail. Whereas I usually find alcoholic sweets bitter and slightly disappointing, these were moreish and satisfying.

How Much Does It Cost?

Before the event you do not know what dimensions or worlds you may encounter, all is revealed gradually. Tickets for v3 are £50 – £70 per person depending on the time and date you book. Included in this is 5 courses plus a palette cleanser and a welcome cocktail. Drinks are available at the bar on entry and were packaged up cleverly to come on the journey with you.

Go along with an open mind and embrace the weird and wonderful. I guarantee you will have a night to remember!

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