Cirque Du Soleil – Ovo

Just when you think you have seen it all, something crazier happens!

If you follow my Instagram stories you will know that I am a general lover of fitness and acrobatics. When I was a child, I wanted nothing more than to have a career in the world famous Cirque Du Soleil. Literally – ‘Circus of the Sun’.

Have you ever seen Cirque du Soleil?

No matter whether live or in videos, the talent of the athletes is simply astounding – but of course it is better live!

Last weekend I was lucky enough to see Ovo in the Royal Albert Hall. Ovo is a show that was actually coined in 2009 but only made its UK premiere this January.

In short it is a tale of a whole host of bugs from the underworld in pursuit of an egg – ‘Ovo’! From flipping fleas, to a supple spider & a whole host of bright green grasshoppers. I spent an evening open mouthed and full of respect for these acrobats performing death-defying stunts.

I have seen a review from a well-known newspaper that gave this show 1 star!? They cannot have been watching the same show as me!

I have to give a special mention to the stunning and truly romantic act of the couple on the aerial straps. Their strength and flexibility to perform their moves high in the air whilst making the whole routine flow like a dance, was mesmerising. See a snippet of their part of the performance in the video below.

Fancy seeing a show that will make you want to watch it again a million times over? Each time more impressive than the last? Catch a Cirque du Soleil near you. I cannot recommend it enough.

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